Download Free Hitman: Contracts Full PC Game Game Information
Hitman: Contracts takes you into the mind of Agent 47, the most ruthlessly efficient contract killer in history. The game begins in Paris as Agent 47 finds himself wounded and trapped in what is a dangerous situation, even for him. Hitman:Contracts explores the dark psychology of killing for a living and promises to be the darkest, most disturbing episode in the series. Free Trailer Free Screen Shots Free System Requirements

IBM PC or 100% compatible
OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP(admin rights required)
CPU: Pentium III 800 or Athlon equivalent
RAM: 128 Mb Windows 98SE, 256 Mb Windows 2000/XP
GRAPHICS: 100% DirectX 8-compatible 32Mb 3D Accelerated Card
SOUND: Windows -compatible sound card (100% DirectX 8-compatible)
CD-ROM: Quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
HARD DRIVE: 2Gb free disk space
INPUT DEVICES: 100% DirectX 8 -compatible mouse and keyboard Free Download Links

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