Download Free Dragon Ball Z – Bid For Power Full PC Game Game Information
Bid For Power is a total conversion for QuakeIII that plays nothing like the original game. Players take control of Ki-powered superheros and battle it out in a mostly aerial fight. The game is highlighted by the work of a great art team and an original style, and the gameplay is extremely fast paced. BFP started out as a Dragonball Z game, and neared completion as one. We ran into legal problems and had to repopulate the universe with original things. This delayed us quite a bit, but we ended up with a population of unique and cool characters to play. Free Trailer Free Screen Shots Free System Requirements

AMD Athlon 1 GHz Processor or Pentium 3 Processor 1 GHz
512 MB of RAM
Video Card: 128 MB DirectX 9.0b-compatible graphics card
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0b-compatible PCI card
DirectX 9.0b
CD-ROM: 4x DVD or 16x CD-ROM
2 GB of free Harddrive space Free Download Links

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